Section - 3.1

The Civil Service Pension (CSP) arrangements are made up of a number of different schemes, including some where the member contributes to their own investment fund.

Overview of schemes

Section 3.2

The included tables give a brief overview of the pension schemes covered by the CSP arrangements.

Other schemes included in the Civil Service Pension arrangements

Section 3.3

The Civil Service Management Code sets out the regulations and instructions to departments and agencies on civil servants’ terms and conditions of service.

Scheme Flexibilities - Reserved decisions to be referred to the Scheme Manager

Section 3.4

The range of pension flexibilities are summarised in
the included tables.

Paying for Civil Service pensions

Section 3.5

Pension provision forms a significant part of the total reward package you offer your employees.

21 December 2021
Last updated:
21 April 2023