4.1.53 Abatement may apply where a rejoiner:

  • is receiving a Civil Service pension or has received a pension lump sum before the re-employment; or
  • is receiving an Annual Compensation Payment (ACP); or
  • has received a Compulsory Early Severance package that included a reserved rights pension ‘top-up’ payment (for this group only, abatement will not apply to those who are employed on or after 30 July 2007 in nuvos. A quarantine period will apply instead for these members – see ‘Quarantine periods’ (paragraphs 4.1.55 to 4.1.57) below).

The tool will tell you if you have to do this. For details on how abatement works, please see ‘Your responsibilities when re-employing pensioners and form CSP13’ (section 4.3).

alpha pensions are not subject to abatement.

23 December 2021
Last updated:
23 December 2021