‘Enrolling' people into a pension scheme


  • All employees should be enrolled in one of the Civil Service pension schemes when they start regardless of the length of their contract.
  • The tool will tell you which scheme to enrol each rejoiner into, according to their circumstances.

Please note: ‘Your responsibilities under Automatic Enrolment’ (Section 4.4 of this guide) gives more information.

4.1.26 When a person is enrolled, you must tell them about the pension choices they have and send them the appropriate LOA text and order them a Starter Pack, if appropriate. The tool will guide you on which text you use for rejoiners.

4.1.27 You must give all new entrants and rejoiners 3 months from their start date to decide which scheme they wish to join. If a new entrant or rejoiner who has been enrolled in the CSP arrangements confirms within the 3 months that they wish to remain in that scheme, you backdate their choice to their start date and there is no further action to take (although in all cases you must keep the Pension Choices form on the member’s personnel file for future reference, and send a copy to the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP)).

4.1.28 Where you have enrolled someone and they choose partnership on their Pension Choices form, as long as they have decided within 1 month of their start date, you must ‘unscramble’ contributions from the scheme they were enrolled into (if any were taken) and put them into partnership from their start date. See ‘Unscrambling’ in section 4.2 for details.

If they make the decision to join partnership after 1 month of their start date, you must treat their choice as a request to ‘switch’ schemes (see section 5 ‘Changing pension arrangements’ (paragraphs 5.9.1 to 5.9.2) for details of the switching process).

4.1.29 If a new entrant or rejoiner who has been enrolled in the CSP arrangements confirms that they wish to opt out of the scheme, the action to take depends on whether they have confirmed their choice within 1 month or after 1 month but within 3 months of their start date (see ‘New entrants deciding to opt out’ (paragraph 4.1.52) for further details).

23 December 2021
Last updated:
23 December 2021