4.1.17 This group of rejoiners will usually have the option to join either alpha or partnership. In effect, you treat them as if they were new entrants. However, if a rejoiner has service in a previous public service pension scheme, this can affect the choices available to them (see ‘Scheme Eligibility - Public service pension scheme history’ and ‘Scheme Eligibility – The Presence Test’ (paragraphs 4.1.73 to 4.1.83) for further information).

Annex 4A gives a summary of the choice(s) of scheme(s) available for rejoiners. As the choices for rejoiners are not straightforward, we have developed the ‘Pensions Questionnaire' and 'Joiner Calculator’ to help you identify the correct choices. We tell you more about this in paragraph 4.1.18 onwards.

Using the Pension Questionnaire and Joiner Tool will help you to identify the scheme your new member of staff is eligible for.

This will involve you collecting information from your new employee about their public service pension scheme history, as this can affect their scheme eligibility.

4.1.18 The following table lists the groups of employees who are not regarded as being either new entrants or rejoiners for pension purposes.

23 December 2021
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21 February 2022