4.3.10 You must tell pensioners who are being offered re-employment about the effect of the re-employment provisions of the CSP arrangements on their pension, including abatement, before they take up the new post. We have produced a leaflet on abatement which you should give to any pensioner who is receiving a pension under the CSP arrangements and who is applying for re-employment. The leaflet can be downloaded from our website under Publications: ‘What is abatement?’

4.3.11 When offering a post to a CSP pensioner, you should obtain an abatement estimate from the Scheme Administrator, using CSP13 (Estimate) form. The information from the Scheme Administrator will help the pensioner to make an informed choice whether or not to accept the post.

Both CSP13 (Estimate) and CSP13 forms can be found here.

4.3.12 Once the pensioner has accepted the post, you must tell the Scheme Administrator using form CSP13.

Please note: you must carry out the CSP13 (Estimate) procedure without delay as you must tell the member whether or not their pension (or pay if they have CES Reserved Rights) is going to be affected before they decide to accept the post. Not to do so could result in the member accepting the post where they may not have done had they been given the information at the outset.

Equally, you must carry out the CSP13 procedure without delay as there is a potential for large arrears of pension (or salary) abatement being deducted from one month’s pension or salary.

4.3.13 You should email or fax the CSP13 (Estimate) and CSP13 forms to the Scheme Administrator:
Email: contactcentre@mycsp.co.uk or contactcentre@mycsp.gse.gov.uk
Fax: 0151 227 1469

The Scheme Administrator will send an acknowledgement to let you know they have actioned the form.

4.3.14 In the case of those re-employed after receiving CES reserved rights, if the individual accepts the post, you must tell the Scheme Administrator using the CSP13, as above. However, the Scheme Administrator will then tell you whether or not the member’s pay is affected or if they are subject to a quarantine period and you must pass this information to your payroll so that they can impose the necessary deductions from pay.

23 December 2021
Last updated:
27 January 2022