4.4.20 All employees who have opted out of the CSP scheme, and have not joined an alternative qualifying scheme, must be re-enrolled by the employer periodically. The default position is that re-enrolment will take place on the third anniversary of the employer’s staging date. However, employers do have some flexibility as to their exact re-enrolment date (further information is available from The Pensions Regulator’s website).

4.4.21 After the introduction of alpha on 1 April 2015, a member should be enrolled into the scheme they are eligible to join on the staging date. This will depend on whether the member previously qualified for full protection in the PCSPS (where they will return to their previous scheme), tapered enrolment (opting in before or after their tapered enrolment date will see them join their old scheme or alpha respectively), or have no protection (they will join alpha). The Scheme Administrator will be able to assist you in identifying which section of the CSP arrangements to re-enrol optants out into.

23 December 2021
Last updated:
27 January 2022