5.9.1 Members can switch between partnership, classicclassic pluspremium, nuvos or alpha in either direction but can only switch once within a 12 month period.

You must ask the member to complete a Pension Switch Form and return it to you. A copy of the Pension Switch form can be found using this link:

Members Forms

A member opting for partnership within the first month of service and having that choice backdated to day one does not count as a switch. A member opting for partnership after one month but within three months of starting service is treated as a request to switch schemes. The member, however, is not required to complete the switch form in these circumstances.

5.9.2 On receipt of the switch (or Pensions Choices) form you must:

  • process the request on your records, checking that the member meets the criteria to allow them to switch;
  • follow the partnership application process given in section 4.2 (‘Your responsibilities when staff join partnership’);
    • complete the employer section of the form and forward a copy to the Scheme Administrator to notify them of the instruction. If the switch is as a result of a member choosing partnership after one month but within three months of joining service, send a copy of the Pension Choices form to the Scheme Administrator and notify them of the switch date;
    • the Scheme Administrator will process the request if they are satisfied that the member meets the criteria to allow them to switch.

The timetable for switching is shown below:

Employer receives switch request form between

Switch Date

1 January and 31 January

1 April

1 February and 28 February

1 May

1 March and 31 March

1 June

1 April and 30 April

1 July

1 May and 31 May

1 August

1 June and 30 June

1 September

1 July and 31 July

1 October

1 August and 31 August

1 November

1 September and 30 September

1 December

1 October and 31 October

1 January

1 November and 30 November

1 February

1 December and 31 December

1 March

You must ensure that your payroll provider is notified in sufficient time to ensure that the correct contributions are taken from the relevant switching date.

Members choosing to switch back into classic, classic plus, premium or nuvos may be eligible to be moved into alpha, you must ensure you check these members against the eligibility criteria (see ‘Your responsibilities when staff join’ (section 4.1)).

4 January 2022
Last updated:
27 January 2022