8.1.9 There are two GDPR compliant interface formats for transferring data from your payroll to the Scheme Administrator which are the Standard and the Manual Interface. Please note that for any employers on the legacy Full Interface, the Scheme Administrator will provide support to migrate to one of the two GDPR compliant formats. You will have to meet the costs for this support.

8.1.10 The Standard Interface must be used for the submission of your Monthly Interface (with the exception of employers with less than 100 employees, who may use the Manual Interface, if development of a Standard Interface is not cost effective).

8.1.11 The Standard Interface contains a number of files that are to be provided to the Scheme Administrator in a fixed-width record format. The Manual Interface is a pre-formatted spreadsheet that is converted into a set of Standard Interface files by the Scheme Administrator.

8.1.12 The Developer’s Guide for both interface formats are available and should be requested directly from the Scheme Administrator. Additional supporting documentation in the form of a Data Validation guide and a Pension Scenarios document, are also available on request from the Scheme Administrator.

5 January 2022
Last updated:
5 January 2022