9.1.15 If the member is unhappy with the response they receive at Stage 2 of the Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process, they can appeal to TPO.

TPO is an independent organisation that investigates and determines complaints of maladministration. His determinations are binding on all parties and are enforceable as if they were Court judgements. The Scheme Manager (Cabinet Office) can only challenge TPO decisions in the High Court, but only on a point of law.

As the Scheme Manager will have made the final decision at Stage 2 of the IDR process, they will take responsibility for responding to all TPO investigations. TPO will normally notify the Scheme Manager that they have accepted a complaint from a member, however if you receive a complaint you should also notify the Scheme Manager and send copies of all the papers to them as soon as possible.

The Scheme Manager may ask you to provide information or decide whether you wish to carry out certain actions to resolve a complaint. You or the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) may be named as a party to the appeal, depending on who the member feels should put matters right for them.

If you receive a complaint from TPO, please read the guidance in Annex E.


5 January 2022
Last updated:
28 January 2022