9.1.8 There are no set definitions that limit what an IDR can be about, and there is no exhaustive list. Broadly speaking if it is a pension related matter then it can be investigated under the IDR procedures.

There are some circumstances when the Scheme Administrator and the Scheme Manager, Cabinet Office cannot consider a complaint under the IDR procedure. These include when:

  • proceedings have begun in a court or tribunal about the same disagreement;
  • the complaint is about an employment matter – for example, a decision to retire someone early, or the circumstances surrounding a dismissal;
  • the complaint is about a decision made by the Scheme Medical Advisor (SMA) – for example a decision not to grant Ill Health Retirement. Please read the guidance on complaints about the SMA, as only complaints about the process and not the decision can be considered.

If you are unsure if a complaint falls into one of the above categories, then you should contact the Scheme Administrator for advice on this before responding to the member. However, if the complaint is not in one of these categories, then the Scheme Administrator and the Scheme Manager, Cabinet Office should be able to investigate. If the complaint does not fall under the remit of IDR, the Scheme Administrator will write to the member to explain this.

5 January 2022
Last updated:
5 January 2022