Date posted: 01/07/2008

Audience: This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR and Payroll managers with responsibility for managing personnel records of transferring staff

Action: This EPN reminds you about the pension and payroll actions you must take when a member of your staff transfers to or from another employer who is also covered by the CSP arrangements. Please start to use the following updated forms:

1. Complete a CSP TRANS 1 (at Annex A), and send it to your APAC to tell them about staff transferring to or from another employer covered by the CSP arrangements.

2. If you are the exporting employer, please complete the E18 (08) (at Annex B), and send it to the member’s new employer to provide current salary and pension information. This form is to be completed no later than the day after the transfer.

Timing: Use the updated CSP Trans 1 and E18 (08) forms with immediate effect. If you hold hard copies of the old E18 (03) and CSP Trans 1 forms please destroy them and replace with the new forms.

1. Background

A member transferring between employers who are both covered by the CSP arrangements will remain in the same pension scheme as long as there is no break in service between the two employments. As an employer you are responsible for advising your APAC of staff transfers between employers within the CSP arrangements. This allows your APAC to transfer the member’s pension records to the new APAC, and ensures that the member’s pension records remain complete and up to date. If you share the same APAC with the new employer you must still notify your APAC.

2. Employer responsibilities and actions

When you transfer a member to another employer covered by the CSP arrangements, you should complete form CSP TRANS 1 at Annex A, immediately after a transfer has been confirmed. Send the completed form to your APAC who will then transfer the member’s PenServer record to the new employer’s APAC.

You should also complete the revised E18 (08) form and send it to the member’s new employer to tell them about current salary and which pension scheme the member is in so that the correct level of pension contributions can be deducted and paid to the correct scheme.

3. APAC responsibilities and actions

Once you have told your APAC about the transfer, your APAC will contact the previous employer’s APAC requesting the relevant electronic PenServer pension record. They must transfer the member’s PenServer records to the new APAC within 2 months of the transfer date.

4. Personnel files

It may be necessary for your APAC to call for the member’s HR file in order to cleanse the PenServer record before sending it to the new APAC. Depending on the timing of notification, the HR file may have already been sent to the importing employer. HR units should fully co-operate with requests from the exporting APAC for this information.


This document replaces EPN54


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1 July 2008
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