Recruitment and Eligibility

Recruitment And Eligibility

Although the options for new entrants are straightforward, the choices for people who you re-employ, or who have worked in the past for an employer who offers the Civil Service pension arrangements, are more complex. 

To help you identify the correct pension choices for staff, you will need to use the Pensions Questionnaire and Joiner Tool. As these are essential tools, we have andated their use by all employers who participate in the Civil Service pension arrangements.

The Joiner Tool will provide you with the correct scheme to enrol the member into and ensure they receive the appropriate starter pack and information. Please note: the tool is for new appointments with a start date before 01 April 2015.

Ordering new starter packs

The process for ordering new starter packs is detailed in section 4.1.38, Your responsibilities when staff join of the Employer Pension Guide (EPG).

We recommend asking members during their induction if they have received their new starter pack to prompt them to make their pension choice and identify anyone who has not received their pack.

If you have followed the usual process for ordering a new starter pack but the member has not received it, you can download the relevant new starter pack forms from the Employer Forms page and issue them directly to the member. 


For guidance on using the Pensions Questionnaire or Joiner Tool, and your role and responsibilities when staff join, see section 4.1 of the Employer Pension Guide.

The Starter Pack guidance note provides information on pensions arrangements for someone who joined before 30 July 2007.