Recruitment and eligibility

Although the options for new entrants are straightforward, the choices for people who you re-employ, or who have worked in the past for an employer who offers the Civil Service pension arrangements, are more complex. To help you identify the correct pension choices for staff, you will need to use the Pensions questionnaire and Joiner tool. This tool is for new appointments with a start date before 1 April 2015. The tool will provide you with the correct scheme to enrol the member into and ensure the member receives the appropriate starter pack and information.

This is an essential tool and we have therefore mandated its use by all employers who participate in the Civil Service pension arrangements.

The Pensions questionnaire and Joiner Tool should be downloaded and saved to the personal computers of staff in your organisation who are responsible for recruitment.

To find out how to use the Pensions questionnaire and Joiner Tool, and guidance on your roles and responsibilities when staff join, you need to read Section 4.1 of the Employer Pension Guide.

The Starter Pack guidance note provides information if you need to sort out pensions arrangements for someone who joined before 30 July 2007.