Request for Services form Pilot Scheme

We developed the Request for Services (RFS) form after recognising a need to streamline the request for services process. This included reducing the number of different forms being used by employers and shared service providers to request member services.

We tested the RFS form during an eight-week pilot exercise to ensure that is suitable for general use across all employer organisations.  This pilot took place between 31 July and 22 September 2017.

Organisations that took part in the pilot included HMRC, SSCL for MOJ and NOMS and Capita on behalf of Fera Science.

During that eight week pilot, we also contacted a number of employers to confirm what versions of excel were being used to ensure that what we planned to roll out was fit for purpose for most employers to use.

Feedback provided by employers that participated in the pilot exercise, is shown below.

“We [HMRC] have piloted the new RFS form since July 2017, and its introduction has standardised our processes for requests during this time. This has reduced the number of request forms we use from 10 to one, which has enabled us to receive the relevant information for each request made.”

Linda Davies
HR Pension Lead, HM Revenue and Customs.