Archived FAQs

Where will the member information videos be hosted?

The videos will be hosted YouTube. Employers have been asked to enable certain IT settings to allow access in the workplace, please see EPN 395. Alternatively, members can access YouTube on personal devices and the storyboards are available on the website.

When will the new member joiner pension pack be available for alpha?

The new joiner pension pack is now available for alpha.

A member is on extended leave without pay – are they classed as an active member even though they are not currently paying contributions?


If we do not receive a response from members who have received an Options Pack, what is the default date to move them into the alpha scheme?

The member will move into alpha at their tapered enrolment end date. 

What is in the Options pack?

The Options pack will contain:

  • A Personalised Options Statement showing benefits at the member’s current Normal Pension Age and their future Normal Pension Age with attached response form and return envelope.
  • ‘Your Choice’ booklet to guide the member through the Options Statement and to signpost to more information and tools that will assist the member in making an informed choice.

In addition, we will provide you with an Option Modeller calculation tool that allows a member to calculate their personal projected pension benefits with or without tapered enrolment. It also allows members to determine the impact on their benefits and their choice, if they were to retire at a date different to their current or future Normal Pension Age.

How are the Options packs distributed?

Employers will decide if all Options packs for their members will be:

  • Sent to member addresses;
  • Or, to the Employer to distribute

Employers must ensure that the addresses they provide to MyCSP are as up to date as possible, to ensure the successful distribution of the Options packs.

What support will be provided to Employers / Payroll providers to assist in migrating members to the 2015 scheme?

It is the Employer’s responsibility to ensure members are in the right scheme. For the 2015 scheme implementation this means identifying:

  • Members who will remain in their current scheme;
  • Members who are due to migrate to the 2015 scheme on 1 April 2015; or
  • Members who are due to migrate at the end of their Tapered Enrolment date, based on age.

To assist with this process, MyCSP will:

  • Inform employers of which members were sent an Option Pack;
  • The member’s response; and
  • The date that members should be moved into the 2015 scheme.

Where members have a personal pension age, MyCSP will provide employers with a report to help migrate these members into the right scheme at the right time.

Which Option is right for a member?

Every choice is individual to the member. Employers must not provide advice on which option is right for a member as this could be interpreted as Independent Financial Advice.

Members should refer to the information they have received, or refer to the website. If a member wants independent advice about pension matters they should contact the pensions advisory service at:

What will happen to members on maternity / paternity / secondment / career breaks?

Where Employers have opted to have Options packs sent direct to members, providing the current address has been supplied to MyCSP, Options packs should be delivered successfully.

Where Employers have opted to receive the Options packs and to distribute to members, Employers will need to ensure that the packs are distributed to members who are not currently at work.

Members have 2 months to make their choice. If they do not make their choice by the deadline, or respond late without good cause, they shall move by default into the 2015 scheme at their tapered enrolment end date.

Will Employers be told which members of staff will be sent an Options Pack?

Yes, you will be told in September 2014 of who was sent an Options Pack.

When were the Options Packs sent out?

In the main, Options Packs were sent to home addresses in the first two weeks of October 2014. Employers who have chosen to distribute the packs to their staff must do so at the same time.

Can MyCSP run reports from existing data to assist with the collection of Public Service History?

No, MyCSP does not hold this level of information.

What criteria should be used to collect Public Service History?

EPN397 gives employers information to collect Public Service Pension History.  This supports the information in the Employer Impact document - Eligibility and Enrolling.

Will the Employer have to request Public Service History from tapered enrolment group again, even though MyCSP has recently contacted them?

Yes as things may have changed.

For Public Service History collection, does the member have to provide evidence? If so, what is acceptable?

The Employer does not need to validate Public Service History returns from members. It is the member’s responsibility to provide the correct information.

Do Employers have to write individual letters to members in order to obtain Public Service History?

Employers are advised to use the best approach for their department. This could be in the form of letters, emails, or intranet etc... It is up to the Employer to manage this process.

Will any specific communications be available to those members who are outside of the tapered enrolment group?

The website is the preferred vehicle for communicating general information about alpha. We will issue a letter to all members in April to announce the introduction of alpha.

Can employers have access to archived Employer Pension Guides to help with processing?

Can the communications be in a format that follows good practice Accessibility guidelines?

For electronic communications, accessibility considerations will be integral to the design and development process.

What about employees who do not have access to a PC – how will the communications reach them?

For members who do not have access to a PC, Employers are encouraged to print the electronic communications and make them available.

Will the Programme signpost where staff can find information about the 2015 scheme?

We will alert employers via EPNs to new information and ask them to tell their employees when and where they can access communications material. Employers must not change the information and messages within these communications or rebrand them.

Will all new joiners who qualify for tapered enrolment receive an options pack?

No, only those members who were active in the period 15 August to 30 September 2014 will receive an Option Pack.

Will shared services/payroll providers be engaged in the 2015 programme?

Yes, however it is the responsibility of the Employer to ensure their shared service or payroll providers are engaged.

Can the Programme give employers additional resource to help implement the 2015 scheme?

No, we are unable to give you additional resource.

EPA – Is there any other way to capture the additional data items without changing the interface? Some departments have expressed they may not be able to secure the budget to cover the costs.

No. To ensure accurate EPA calculations, the interface solution has been designed to allow the correct information to be provided by all employers. Technical changes have been kept as simple as possible with employer costs in mind.

Data validations – Is this something the payroll provider should be completing?

It is the employers responsibility to liaise with their payroll provider to make sure these are completed.

When will Employers receive their first reports from Compendia which include ‘warnings & rejections’?

Employers will start to receive their enhanced errors and warnings report after their first HR Interface submission post migration to Compendia (which took place over the weekend 14/15 September 2014).

Will the data validation align with HMRC Real Time Information (RTI) validation?

The data validation brought in via Compendia will align with HMRC RTI validation.

What about employers who use Shared Services, what is happening about Change Requests?

All Employers need to make changes to their HR/Payroll Platforms and Interface to support the 2015 scheme changes.

For Employers using ISSC1 and ISSC2, the 2015 Programme is working with Cabinet Office colleagues in the Crown Oversight Function to co-ordinate Shared Service Change Requests.

Employers outside of ISSC1 and ISSC2 must work with their providers to submit change requests. Please be mindful of suppliers charging multiple times where Employers share the same payroll provider.

Who is responsible for paying for the payroll system / interface changes?

Employers are responsible for paying for the Payroll system/interface changes that are needed to support the 2015 arrangements.

If a member joins the organisation on the lead up to alpha go live, can the Employer refrain from enrolling members into alpha?

No, the employers should enrol the members into the PCSPS when the member joins.

Would the programme provide roadshows to members to assist in making a decision regarding their enrolment into the scheme?

No, this could be construed as independent financial advice. However, training can be provided at a cost to the Employer.

Will the options statements replace Annual Benefit Statements in 2014?

As of December 2013, the intention is to continue with Annual Benefit Statement production in 2014. However, projections will be suppressed for those members who will at some point move into the 2015 scheme.

Will the programme produce a standard letter to send out with the Public Service History collection request? When is the deadline for collecting Public Service History?

What are the EPA contribution rates?

The EPA contribution rates are currently with the Government Actuary's Department and we will make an announcement as soon as we know more.

The Public Service History information received by the Employer differs to that received by MyCSP, which information should be used?

A decision will be made by Pension Technical staff in MyCSP or the Scheme Management Executive.