Pension Increase FAQs

What is Pensions Increase?

Pensions Increase is the annual increase which may be applied to your Civil Service pension. It’s applied at the same percentage as the annual increase to the Additional State Pension.

Who is entitled to Pensions Increase?

It’s usually paid to anyone aged 55 or over and anyone under 55 when they’ve qualified for:

  • an ill-health retirement pension
  • a widow’s pension
  • a widower’s pension
  • a civil partner’s pension
  • a partner’s pension or
  • a child’s pension

Please note: You may qualify for pensions increase before the age of 55 if you have dependent children.

When is Pensions Increase applied?

Pensions Increase is applied from the first Monday after 6 April.

What is this year's increase?

This year's increase is 1.7%.

Why have I not received the full 1.7% increase in my occupational Civil Service pension?

If you reached State Pension Age before 6 April 2016 and you were working in the Civil Service prior to 6 April 1997, part of your Pension Increase is paid within your state pension. Therefore, if you didn’t receive the full 1.7% in your occupational pension, you will have received an increase in your state pension to compensate.

I’ve received this year’s Pension Increase, but my monthly pension has decreased. Why is this?

This may be due to a change in your tax code. You can check if your tax code has changed by logging into your Pension Portal account.

If it has changed you will need to contact HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on 0300 200 3300.


If my pension has been increased, why haven’t I received a full month at the new annual rate?

Pension payments are made in arrears. Therefore, if you receive your pension at the end of the month for example, 30 April, your payment will reflect the new increased rate from 06 – 30 April and the pre-increase lower rate for 01 - 05 April.

On my P60, why is the annual pension figure not the same as the actual pension I get paid?

Your P60 shows the total of all payments you’ve received during the tax year. This may be different to your annual pension figure because it may take into account a number of factors such as a change in the annual rate paid to you, or an increase in pension during the year.

If I haven’t received my P60 yet when will I receive it?

In previous years, you may have received your P60 at the same time as your payslip. However, following feedback from some members, we now send these documents as soon as they are produced which means you may receive them separately. You should receive both documents by the end of May. 

The increase to my pension takes me over the limit that allows me to claim benefits. Can I return the increase?

Members are unable to return Pensions Increases as they are entitled to them under statutory legislation. If you’re entitled to the Pensions Increase, this amount will be taken into account when any benefits are calculated. As such, returning the increase would not serve any purpose.

Where can I find out what my spouse will receive in the event of my death?

Prior to your retirement, you will have received a set of paperwork which will have documented your pension in detail, including the amount of pension which would be payable to your spouse in the event of your death. Please refer to this documentation for those details.

Who do I speak to if I think my tax code is incorrect?

We are unable to change your tax code unless HMRC tells us to do so. If you have any queries about your tax code or tax liability, please contact HM Revenue & Customs.