Confirmation of Transfer of unit-linked pension pots to the Legal & General Master Trust

We recently notified members of the CSAVCS that we would be transferring their unit-linked pension pots to Legal & General (L&G).

The transfers are being completed in stages between 11 February and 11 March 2019 and L&G will write to each member after the transfer is completed.

The transfer value quoted in the L&G confirmation letter may differ to the value in the scheme manager’s letter of November 2018. This is because the value of your investments can rise or fall and would affect the value of your pension pot whether or not you transferred. If you have any questions about the transfer value of your pension pot then please speak to your previous provider.

You should receive a letter by 31 March 2019 to confirm the transfer. If you have not received a letter by this date please contact us using this email address: