Modeller FAQs

Where can I find the modeller?

I can’t access the modeller web page from work?

It may be that your work network is restricting access to the modeller. In this case we would ask that you request access to this site via your internal IT department.

Please note the modeller is also available to view at home and on the go via mobile devices. 

What happens if I’m listed on the eligibility checker list?

Unfortunately, the modeller is unable to cover all scenarios.

If you are listed on the eligibility checker list then the estimates provided by the modeller will not be accurate.

If you require further information please contact the Scheme Adminstrator.

How do I know where the relevant information is found on my Annual Benefit Statement?

The modeller uses contextual help at every stage of the Your Details stage.

Contextual help can be viewed by clicking on the ‘i’ icon which is displayed to the right of each input.

Within the contextual help you be provided with instructions as to where on your Annual Benefit Statement the required information is located.

This is the information you will need to use to generate an estimate. 

How can I change the assumption rates used in modelling calculations?

On the ‘Your modeller results’ page there is a light grey box below the lump sum % slider. This box clarifies the default assumption rates used (which are aligned to those used in your Annual Benefit Statement), it also provides an ‘Edit’ facility that will allow you to increase the salary growth from 0% to a maximum of 4% (increasing in increments of 1%).

Please note that inflation is fixed at 0% and cannot be changed.

How can I compare modelled scenarios?

The modeller provide the facility to model up to 5 differing scenarios.

There is a comparison table on the modeller results page, this is already pre-populated with the initial scenario you have requested.

To add a new modelled scenario to the table you should ensure that the ‘Add to comparison’ button is clicked once a change has been made to the modelling scenario (change of retirement age, lump sum %, salary growth rate).

Any scenario in the comparison table can be removed by clicking on the ‘x’ icon.

You can also print the table for your records, the print icon is found at the header level of the comparison table.

Will the modeller take account of my added pension?

Yes, there is a specific added pension input box which requires the amount of your added pension value at the date of your latest statement.

Please note the modeller will only take the value as at the statement date (for example, previously accrued added pension) it won’t take into account any future accrued added pension.

I want to retire early; will my projections include early retirement reductions?

Yes, any estimate provided that is before normal retirement age of your scheme will include the early retirement reduction. 

Can I use previous Annual Benefit Statements?

Yes, however, any Annual Benefit Statements which are dated before 31 March 2017 cannot be used in the modeller.

Please note any previous statement does not represent your latest circumstances and as such please be advised that your latest Annual Benefit Statement will provide a more accurate summary of your benefits and will provide a better foundation to model from. 

When will I receive my Annual Benefit Statement?

Annual Benefit Statements are distributed over a 2/3 month period. Please refer to the Annual Benefit Statement distribution cycle available on the Annual Benefit Statement page.

I’ve entered my information but the modeller has errored?

The modeller has been designed to work with the information shown on your Annual Benefit Statement.

If you have correctly entered the information from your Annual Benefit Statement and the modeller is still erroring, please contact the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP).

I have modelled my benefits and now want to retire, what do I need to do?

Where can I find the pre-populated modeller?

You can access the new pre-populated retirement modeller by registering for the Pension Portal here

What is the pre-populated modeller?

When you use the pre-populated Retirement Modeller you no longer need to input the information found on your Annual Benefit Statement.

The pre-populated Retirement Modeller will automatically populate using the latest information on your 2019 statement.