Movie Mentions

Movie Mentions (1)If life is like a movie, why not be your own director? Armed with the right information, you can step out of the shadows and take the helm.

Want to be in the frame when to comes to your pension planning? What are your options and your choices? Have you planned how your story pans out?

If you want to take control and write your own script, look no further than our cinematic selection. We’ll give you access to the most popular pension trailers that’ll be sure to entertain every audience.

So sit back, grab some popcorn  and settle down for the main feature by clicking on the 'Movie' box below:

  • Luke I am your…death benefit nominee.
  • Show me the money – Your Modeller. 
  • Don’t let’s ask… for the moon, we have a pensions sharing order!
  • You had me… at annual benefit statement!
  • Toto, I’ve a feeling… we’re not in classic anymore – Scheme Guide for alpha.
  • Frankly my dear… I don’t give an actuarial reduction (Calculators).
  • We’re going to need… considerably bigger AVC's!
  • Yippee -ki-ay… lifetime allowance.