Thinking about partial retirement?

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The following information will help you to decide if partial retirement is right for you or not.


Partial retirement is not available to everyone. You must meet a number of conditions to be able to take partial retirement. To find out more about these, please read the Partial Retirement Guide for Scheme Members.  

Things to think about

There are a number of things to consider before applying for partial retirement. These include:

  • the effect that abatement may have on your benefits;
  • the permanent reduction in your earnings; and
  • the change to your current job and potential financial impact of it.

For more information about these things, please read Things You Need to Think About in the Partial Retirement Guide for Scheme Members and the What is Abatement? leaflet.  

Which scheme are you in?

Different rules will apply to your partial retirement depending on which Civil Service pension scheme you belong to. You can read the partial retirement rules for your scheme in the relevant Scheme Guide.

Frequently asked questions about partial retirement

We have produced a list of member FAQs that cover all aspects of partial retirement. You can view them by clicking here.