How can we help with your Pension Savings Statement (PSS)?

Depending on the nature of your query, you need to direct it to the appropriate source of help.

1. Queries regarding your pension scheme information (for example your employment history, reckonable service, the date you joined, transfer in history, extra benefits), should be sent to the Scheme Administrator. This can be done in one of two ways.

  • By email:

If you send your enquiry by email, you’ll receive an auto response confirming receipt.

  • By post: Civil Service Pensions, PO Box 2017, Liverpool, L69 2BU

Please note: you should include copies of any supporting documentation when emailing or writing to the Scheme Administrator.

2. For queries relating to your personal details (for example date of birth, National Insurance number, home or work address); you should contact your HR department or Shared Service provider.

Replacement statements

You can request a free paper copy of your original Pension Savings Statement by contacting the Scheme Administrator.