When will I get my Pension Savings Statement?

We’ll be issuing statements to members between 22 June and 6 October. However, we plan to distribute as close to 100% of the statements as possible by 31 August.

When should your statement arrive?

Simply find the name of your employer on the Distribution Schedule below and check the dates aligned with them. Please note that the dates are intended as a guide only and may change if your employer requests this. If this happens, we’ll update the table straight away. Please ensure you check the Distribution Schedule if your statement hasn’t arrived, in case the date has changed.

How will my Pension Saving Statement be sent to me?

Pension Saving Statement are sent to your home address (unless otherwise stated in the Distribution Schedule below) by 2nd class post. So, it’s important that you allow sufficient time for delivery of post as it may take up to five working days to arrive after the date we send it out to you.

Who provides you with my address?

Your employer. We’ll always send a PSS to your home address unless you’re a secure member.

As such, it’s very important that your employer always holds your up to date home address. If you’ve recently changed address or do so in the future, be sure to inform your employer as soon as possible.

This complies with the Disclosure of Information regulations for Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes, which requires that information is sent to your last known postal address. You can also update your address online on the Pension Portal.

What should I do if I haven’t received my PSS by 30 September?

Please contact us by sending an email to pss@mycsp.co.uk.