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Important information for overseas pensioners

If you are an overseas pensioner, you may find answers to your questions below.


  • There is no issue or ‘delay’ to overseas pension payments.
  • The process for making overseas payments has changed, following the migration of the scheme's pensioner payroll from Capita Hartshead to MyCSP. This change includes a different overseas paying agent.
  • Under the previous administration arrangements, payments were made ‘early’ in some cases (payments were transferred to the paying agent before the allocated Payment Date).
  • MyCSP makes the payments on the member’s Payment Date in line with formal procedure.
  • Please note that a Payment Date is not the same as a ‘Due Date’. The scheme is required to make the payment on the member’s personal Payment Date, which is then processed by the paying agent.
  • The payments are made in GBP Sterling and it can take a few days for the paying agent to convert the payment to the correct currency and transfer it to the member’s local bank.
  • Therefore, some members might receive their pension payment a few days later than they did previously before the administration change took place.
  • There is no change to the amount of pension that members’ receive.


  • The amount of pension paid to overseas members has not changed.
  • The only change members should see is that payments might reach their bank account a few days after the date it was received previously, when administered by Capita Hartshead.
  • This change is necessary to bring overseas payments in line with formal pension scheme procedures.
  • MyCSP is aware of, and is liaising directly with, a handful of members who have raised queries about their pension payment.

Notification of the change

  • Overseas pensioner members should have received notification from Cabinet Office (which is responsible for Civil Service Pensions) about the change in administration from Capita Hartshead to MyCSP in September 2014.
  • The previous payroll administration was responsible for the delivery of this notification. However, it has come to light recently that the notifications were not issued.
  • The scheme apologises to overseas pensioners for any confusion or concern this has caused.