Active member Pension Portal on boarding

Group Office Workers Edited

Civil Service Pensions has launched an online Pension Portal for active members, coinciding with  the distribution of this year’s Annual Benefit Statement.

From the Pension Portal, members will be able to access their pension details online, view their annual benefit statement, use the new and improved prepopulated retirement modeller and check their address details and update them if necessary.

The portal is safe, quick and easy to use and members can access it anytime, anywhere on their laptop, mobile or tablet.

To access the portal, members will need to complete a simple registration process and this is why we contacted you earlier this year.

Following your response to our on boarding  survey (and subsequent conversations we’ve have had with you), a communications pack has been sent to you to enable you to promote the Pension Portal and the registration process to your employees. Contained within the pack you’ll find:

  • A template on boarding email*
  • A template chase up email* 
  • A intranet article
  • A website article
  • Posters promoting the portal

*we know some of you can’t send out emails directly to your staff so we’ve included the web and intranet articles as alternative methods of communication. If you’ve requested a template letter to issue to your employees, this will be issued to you separately. 

On this page, you can also view the communications distribution schedule which we’d like you to follow to enable you to promote the Pension Portal in line with the Annual Benefit Statement mailing to your staff.

Please note that the posters should be used in line with the distribution schedule, promoting the portal once the ABS have landed with your staff.

Please also find below, for your information, a copy the Annual Statement insert that will be going out to all members as part of the Annual Benefit Statement run and copies of the posters.