On 25 May 2018, regulations governing the use of your personal information changed. The General Data Protection Regulation has been adopted across all European Union member states.

The legislation has been designed to harmonise data privacy laws across the EU and provide greater protection and rights to individuals.

The Civil Service Pension Scheme arrangements take your privacy seriously. Full details of the types of personal data the scheme holds, how it is used and whom it is shared with are set out in an updated privacy notice.

This notice can be found here:


The privacy notice also sets out your rights in connection with the personal data held about you; who to contact if you want to exercise those rights; have concerns about the way we handle your personal information; or, generally have any questions.

The information we hold is provided by your employer and it is important that you keep your employer up to date if anything changes; for example, if you move house or your relationship status changes.

Without this information being maintained, there could be delays in paying benefits to you or your dependents.