Personal Life Changes

Get support and information support and information about how changes in your life might affect your pension.

Work Life Change

Get support and information support and information about how changes at work might affect your pension.

Family Bereavement

When a pension scheme member dies, their loved ones may be entitled to benefits. Get guidance and support on how to claim death benefits here.

Podcast seasons 1 and 2 available now

The Civil Service Pensions Podcast will help you get to grips with your pension and make more informed choices about your financial future, whatever stage of life you're at.

Available now, wherever you get your podcasts.

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Make The Most Of Your Pension

Manage your pension

Get information about how to make the most of your Civil Service pension, find out how to keep your details up to date and more 

Find An Unclaimed Pension

If you've left the Civil Service or have previously opted out, get help with locating and claiming your Civil Service Pension

Annual updates

Annual Benefit Statement (ABS)

Your Annual Benefit Statement (ABS) is issued once each year. It shows your pension benefits, up to the 31 March.

Pension Saving Statement (PSS)

We’ll send Pension Savings Statements to members who meet certain criteria

Protecting your Pension

Find out how we combat fraudulent activity, as well as how you can be on the look out for scammers and protect your pension savings.

2015 Remedy

2015 the government introduced reforms to public service pensions, steps are being taken to remedy those 2015 reforms, known as 2015 Remedy (McCloud).

25 November 2021
Last updated:
12 June 2024