Civil Service Pensions Board

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What does the CSPB do?

The Civil Service Pensions Board (CSPB) is responsible for assisting the Scheme Manager in the effective administration of the Civil Service pension arrangements.

The CSPB was created in 2010, and was the first such Board to be set up for a Public Service pensions scheme. The Public Service Pensions Act 2013 put the CSPB on a formal legal footing from 1 April 2015. The CSPB’s principle function is to hold Cabinet Office, as scheme managers, to account for the delivery of Civil Service Pension arrangements and promote high standards of administration through advising, influencing, challenging and assisting the Scheme Manager.

What the CSPB does not do

The CSPB has no role in setting scheme policy in terms of how scheme benefits are calculated, or what contributions employers or members pay. The Government is responsible for setting Civil Service pensions policy. Please click here for more information about the role of the Cabinet Office in the management of the Civil Service pension arrangements.

Current CSPB membership

The current membership of the CSPB is:

  • Margaret Edwards - Non Executive Chair
  • Ian Albert (DWP) - Member Nominee
  • Jonathan Russell (DWP) - Employer Nominee
  • Sir Adrian Johns - Non Executive Member
  • Lesley Davie – Non Executive Member
  • Allan Course - Non Executive Member
  • Mervyn Thomas (Cabinet Office) – Employer Nominee
  • Teresa Newell (FCO) – Employer nominee
  • David Howdon (DWP) – Member nominee
  • Neil License (HMRC) - Member Nominee
  • Guy Lester (Cabinet Office) - Employer Nominee
  • Debra Soper (CO) – Ex Officio Member
  • Tim Le Mare (GIAA) - Ex Officio Member

Finding out more about the CSPB

CSPB Key documents:

Contacting the CSPB

For Board queries (for example, membership, meeting dates), please contact

The CSPB is unable to deal with queries or complaints about personal circumstances. If you have an enquiry about your pension MyCSP, the administrator of Civil Service Pensions, will be able to help you. Please visit the Civil Service Pensions website for full contact details and opening times.

If you wish to make a complaint about your pension, you will be able to find more information on how to do this also on the Civil Service Pensions website.