10.1.1 This section describes what elements of earnings are pensionable and also tells you what you need to consider if you are thinking about: 

  • making elements of earnings pensionable; 
  • consolidating elements of earnings into basic pay.

Roles and responsibilities

In all cases, you must get authorisation from the Scheme Manager, Cabinet Office before...

What is pensionable?

Pensionable earnings are the total of basic salary (or wages) and other pensionable...

The implications of making changes to pensionable earnings

Changes in pay and pay-related terms and conditions of service can affect a member’s level of pension benefits...

Matters to consider when thinking about making an allowance or non-consolidated pay pensionable

An allowance is a payment that is normally paid on a permanent basis, typically...

Procedure for applying to make an allowance or non-consolidated pay pensionable

If you want to make an allowance or a non-consolidated element of pay pensionable, you must first...


5 January 2022
Last updated:
14 January 2022