New Fair Deal

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New Fair Deal Policy was introduced in October 2013 by HM Treasury. It is a non-statutory policy that sets out how pensions issues are to be dealt with when staff are compulsorily transferred from the public sector to independent providers delivering public services.

The objective of the policy is to provide an appropriate level of protection to public sector employees’ pension provision when these services they deliver are outsourced. The documents within this section will help to guide contracting authorities and prospective employers through the admission process where staff are compulsory transferred out for the first time, or, are rejoining Civil Service Pensions under New Fair Deal.

Contracting authorities should contact Cabinet Office at as early as possible and at least six months before the staff transfer.

Key sections:


The contracting authority must complete the Application form which can be found in the Application Pack below.

To participate in the schemes the independent provider (new employer) will need to sign an Admission Agreement with the contracting authority and Cabinet Office.