3.5.29 The Scheme Manager is responsible on behalf of the Civil Service Minister, for making any changes to the benefit structure of each of the schemes. If the Scheme Manager makes any improvements to the benefit structure, they have to consider the impact on you the employer.

3.5.30 The Scheme Manager will meet with a representative body of employing departments to consider any significant changes in our scheme structure. Major changes are discussed with the Cabinet Secretary and representative Permanent Secretaries. Under the Superannuation Act 1972, we must consult with the Trade Union about any proposed changes.

3.5.31 If any changes to the contributions are introduced, these will be announced in an EPN as far in advance as possible so that:

  • you can give sufficient notice to staff should employee contributions change, and
  • you can factor in increased ASLCs in your overall pay reward budget and pay negotiations.
21 December 2021
Last updated:
21 December 2021