4.4.28 The model appointment letter texts provided in Annex 4B were amended to reflect automatic enrolment following its introduction.

4.4.29 The contents of Starter Packs sent by employers have been updated in line with automatic enrolment. Generic statements about automatic enrolment are included in the main scheme booklets. The Pension Choices forms: NE1 and RJP were updated to include text about automatic enrolment. The NE2 form is now obsolete.

Please note: the revised Pension Choices form NE1 no longer gives new starters an immediate choice of not joining a pension scheme. Employees who do not wish to join or want to opt out will have to complete an Opt Out form and follow the process set out in section 5.9 (‘Opting out’).

4.4.30 Departments will continue to send starter packs (and Pension Choices forms) alpha full, NE1 or RJP as appropriate.

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23 December 2021
Last updated:
23 December 2021