7.1.1 The scheme pension age for nuvos members is currently 65. For classic, classic plus and premium members, it is currently 60. In alpha, a members’ Normal Pension Age (NPA) is the later of their State Pension Age (SPA) or age 65. This means if their SPA changes, their NPA may change too. Members can choose to continue to work past their scheme pension age. The pensioner payroll pays the pension and associated benefits to members on behalf of the scheme when they leave.

7.1.2 The ‘Thinking about retirement’ booklet and the ‘What to expect when you claim your Civil Service Pension’ guide give members a brief overview of what to expect when retiring. The booklet is available to download from the member section of the Civil Service Pensions (CSP) website under ‘Publications’. The guide is part of the ‘What to expect guides’, also in the member section. The ‘Thinking about retirement’ booklet does not cover the alpha scheme. Members of alpha should be directed to the alpha scheme guide.

5 January 2022
Last updated:
28 January 2022