8.1.5 As the employer, you are responsible for your payroll/payroll provider passing accurate and timely information to the Scheme Administrator by means of an electronic interface. The different types of interface that are available to you start at section 8.1.9.

8.1.6 You are responsible for providing information about new employees, leavers, changes to existing employees and pay to your payroll. This information is then passed to the Scheme Administrator through the interface on a monthly basis in accordance with your scheduled interface delivery date. This date must be agreed with the Scheme Administrator.

8.1.7 The Participation Agreement (PA) places responsibility on you as the employer to ensure that the personal information used for CSP arrangements is current and correct. You are also required to confirm that the Scheme Administrator is holding current and correct data on the Annual Assurance Statement (AAS) and checklist. The PA also refers to payroll information. You must ensure that your payroll system can transfer data to Compendia in line with the specification of the interface. If you are an employer who uses or will use an external payroll provider, you should ensure they have a compatible interface.

8.1.8 Whether you have an in-house payroll or a contract with an external payroll provider you, as the employer, must be certain that you have sufficient understanding of how your payroll system works to ensure that it creates your interface data as required by Compendia. It also helps you meet your statutory obligations such as those under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your responsibility for accurate data extends to the Civil Service Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme, partnership pension and designated stakeholder arrangements.

5 January 2022
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5 January 2022