Date posted: 01/02/2005

Issue: To remind employers and staff about their chance to comment on Cabinet Office proposals to change the existing Civil Service pensions arrangements.

This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR staff with overall responsibility for departmental HR policy
  • HR/communications staff who have responsibility in issuing announcements to staff


  • HR/communications staff responsible for issuing announcements to staff to make the enclosed Office Notice and Newsletter available to all staff preferably by intranet or email.
  • Insert previous Office Notice number in Office Notice text before issue
  • Check web access instructions in the Office Notice and amend in accordance with availability to your staff – for example, if your staff only have intranet access, point them to the appropriate intranet page rather than the web addresses

Timing:  Immediate Reference: EPN114


  1. On 9 December 2004, we published proposals to change the existing Civil Service pension arrangements.   We told you in EPN114 about the consultation process that we were undertaking.
  2. In EPN114, we asked all employers to issue an Office Notice which set out the main reasons for these proposed changes. The Office Notice invited staff to read the consultation document Building a sustainable future that we had drawn up. The Office Notice explained that staff could either read Building a sustainable future on the Civil Service Pensions website or request a hard copy. We also told you that we would write to you again asking you to send a reminder to staff about these important proposals. 


  1. The consultation period ends on 4 March 2005. We have attached a further Office Notice that will act as a reminder, together with a Newsletter containing some frequently asked questions and answers. These are real questions that staff have asked us. We ask you to send this out as soon as practicable.  We would strongly suggest that you send it out electronically if possible. 
  2. We would also like to remind those of you who have responsibility for HR policy matters in your departments that we are keen for you to respond to the consultation so that we are aware of your views.


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1 February 2005
Last updated:
24 April 2023