Date posted: 01/09/2005


  • This Notice will be of particular interest to HR staff who plan to run pre-retirement seminars for staff who are approaching pension age 60 or who are already over 60 and thinking of retiring.


  • Use the material, found on our website (details below), for your pre-retirement seminars

Timing: Immediate


Chapter 7.1 of the Employers’ Pension Guide says that employers should invite members of the Civil Service pension arrangements to a pre-retirement course. A number of employers have asked for material that will help them or their training providers deliver the information. This EPN introduces the material that we have developed as a result of these requests. The material is designed to help you inform members retiring at normal pension age (60) about the basics of their pension. The material covers the classic, classic plus and premium schemes only. Partnership is not covered as members have direct contact with their particular pension provider. If you receive enquiries from members in the partnership scheme, advise them to contact their pension provider.

The information in the material is current at the time of distribution and will be updated as changes or new legislation comes into force.

Pre-retirement presentation and booklet for members retiring at pension age 

The material consists of:

  1. PowerPoint slide presentation (with speaker notes)
  2. Member handouts
  3. Contacts list (giving details of external organisations whose services might be useful to retiring members)
  4. Booklet

You will find the presentation, handouts, contacts list and booklet on our website: > Employers & APACs tab > Pensions training > Training for members – to be delivered by employers or APACs.

We have designed the PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes to accompany each slide. Although designed for PowerPoint presentations, you can of course simply print it off if you do not have access to a projector. The handouts are much more detailed and give comprehensive information on the retirement process.


We have also produced a booklet for members called “Thinking about retirement” that you can use to accompany the presentations. The booklet answers basic questions that members may have about claiming their pension, the retirement process and things that could affect your pension after you retire. You may want to issue these to members either at, or before the date of the seminar. The booklet will also be useful for any members who cannot attend a seminar.

You can order the booklet directly from our distributors:

NG18 4FW

or fax: 01623 450 481
or e-mail:

Preparing to give the seminar

When you, or your training provider, are ready to run a seminar we strongly advise you to visit our website and download the PowerPoint presentation to ensure you have the most up to date version. To download, right click the mouse and use the “save as” option. You will need to print off the handouts and the contacts list to give to those members who are attending. (We suggest that the handouts are given out to members before the seminar). We have tailored the speaker notes so that the person who delivers the presentation does not need to have a pensions background. The presentation takes around 45 minutes.

We suggest that the speaker reads the member handouts before delivering the presentation so that they are aware of the content. The speaker should not attempt to answer any questions that are not covered by the material. The speaker should refer members who ask detailed questions to contact their APAC unless, of course, you have someone from your APAC delivering the presentation.

Pre-retirement presentation and booklet for members retiring at pension age

Most importantly, the presenter must not give advice which might influence or lead a member to making a decision on their pension benefits options. We recommend that you provide members with supplementary handouts showing useful contacts, such as your APAC helpline number and central HR pensions team.

If you do not have access to our website please contact the employer helpdesk (details below) so that we can discuss suitable alternative formats.


We are grateful to the various employers, APACs and members who have helped us produce this material. We have already ‘road tested’ the material. However, if after running your own seminar you have further comments or suggestions to make then please do not hesitate to give your feedback to us. Details of how to contact us are below.

This material covers members retiring at or after 60. It is not intended to cover members who leave early. We know that these are increasing in numbers and we are looking at what we can usefully provide for you to tell them.


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1 September 2005
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