Date posted: 01/03/2006


  • recruitment - for ordering Starter Packs and scheme overview leaflets
  • retirement actions and pre-retirement courses – for ordering the booklet ‘Thinking about retirement’


  • To use the new order and contact details from 27 March 2006
  • To update your Employer’s Pension Guide with the attached replacement pages
  • To note the future introduction of on-line ordering

Timing: 27 March 2006


1. The current print and supply contract with Linney Direct ends on 31 March 2006. In accordance with EU Procurement Directives and good practice, Civil Service Pensions Division (CSPD) put the requirement out to tender.

2. CSPD have awarded the contract to St Ives Direct Mail Romford Limited following an extensive procurement exercise. The contract with St Ives offers improved solutions to ordering and supply to both CSPD and to employers and APACs, with on-line ordering and order tracking to be introduced shortly.

Services to employers

  1. St Ives will receive and fulfil your orders for Starter Packs and also orders for the revised and redesigned scheme overview leaflets: ‘Pension Choices – an overview’ and ‘partnership pension account – an overview’, and ‘Thinking about retirement’ – a booklet to use in association with pre-retirement courses or for anyone thinking about their retirement plans.

Starter Packs

  1. The procedure for ordering Starter Packs, and the information required for ordering remain the same. The turnaround time for processing and despatching Starter Pack orders is 48 hours from time of receipt of order. Starter Packs are sent out by 2nd class post. The pack contents are unchanged and are as announced in EPN130. You can order in the same way as you do now, using the form available on the Employers section of our website under ‘Forms’, but using the St Ives contact details below.
  2. In addition we will shortly be introducing an on-line order system – this will ask for the same information as the current DRF1 form. Your order will be processed directly from the system using the information you have supplied, avoiding any loss or re-keying errors. You will be able to check on-line when the pack you ordered has been despatched. If you are unable to access the order screen, for example if your IT systems block access, you can still use the order form on the CSP website as now, or alternatively:
  • Download the DRF1 form from the website, complete and email it to:
  • Download the DRF1 form from the website, complete and send it by fax to: FAX Number : 0870 0131 694
  • Download the DRF1 form from the website, complete and post it to: St Ives Direct St Ives House Faringdon Avenue Romford Essex RM3 8XL Telephone: 0870 0131 693
  • Orders will not be accepted by telephone.
  1. Multiple orders - These can be placed via email using the current spreadsheet as now. (You can download the spreadsheet from the website ‘Forms’ section).

7. When completing the form please complete all sections in full. If you are completing the form off-line please give your full department name so that it can be verified – ‘HR section’ is not helpful! St Ives will be instructed, as Linney Direct were, to check any incomplete department names with the orderer and this can create a delay in processing

8. In all instances it is important to select the correct APAC as this appears in the personalised letter with the pack, to give the new member contact details for any pensions queries. If you are unsure who your APAC is, there is a section on our main website under ‘Helpline’ – link from the front page text or use the search facility.

Publication orders

  1. To order supplies of the overview leaflets or ‘Thinking about retirement’ booklet, the order form is on the Employer section of the CSP website under ‘Forms’. You will also be able to order these via the new online system when it is introduced and you will be able to check when your order has been despatched.
  2. If you need copies of any other publications you should order them from your APAC.
  3. All our publications are available in pdf format on our website under ‘Publications, rules and forms’. You can download these or email them to scheme members if they cannot access the website.


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1 March 2006
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