Date posted: 01/08/2006


  • HR staff involved in referring cases to the scheme medical adviser; and
  • Those who provide support to staff (e.g. staff union representatives, staff welfare officers, staff counsellors. The Council of Civil Service Unions will also be making trade union representatives aware of this EPN.)

Action: To issue replacement Medical Guidance Note (Annex 1)

Timing: The new Medical Guidance Notes should be used with immediate effect.


  1. The current contract to provide medical advice for the Civil Service pension and compensation arrangements, which is managed by the Cabinet Office, is held by Capita Health Solutions (CHS) and runs until 31 March 2009.
  2. The Medical Guidance Notes (MGN) are a Cabinet Office owned document drawn up in conjunction with CHS the scheme medical adviser. Their purpose is to explain the medical provisions of the Civil Service pension and compensation arrangements and the processes involved in using those provisions. The MGNs are a public document and are intended to be read by you and your departmental occupation health providers, as well as members of staff and their representatives (e.g. trade union representatives).
  3. An electronic copy of the MGN can be downloaded from the open section of the Civil Service Pensions website and is also attached to this notice.
  4. If you hold any hard copies of the previous version of the MGN (issued in August 2003), please destroy them now. If you have an electronic copy on your departmental websites, please ensure that it is replaced with the latest version.
  5. We will issue a further update of the MGN later this year when procedures are in place for dealing with periodic reviews of upper-tier ill-health pensions.


This document replaces EPN74


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1 August 2006
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24 April 2023