Date posted: 01/03/2007

Audience: HR pension managers and staff with pensions responsibilities

Action: Note the changes to the electronic copy of the EPG held on the CSP website. (If you hold a hard copy of the EPG, destroy the existing Section 11 and replace by printing off the new version from the website.) Identify any training needs

Timing: Immediate


  1. We have revised the information in Section 11 of the EPG and dedicated it to give you information on training materials available to you and your members. It includes material provided by CSPD and external training providers.
  2. The previous version of Section 11 covered ‘employment decisions impacting on pensions issues’ which dealt with pensionable pay issues. It also gave a list of APAC help lines and a CSPD organisation chart. We have now dedicated Section 10 to pensionable pay issues and you can find the APAC help lines on our website, using the ‘Contact Us’ button. We are no longer including an organisation chart in the EPG.
  3. Section 11 now covers:

Information for members 

  • Pre-retirement material

Courses available for employers to use

  • Scheme medical adviser workshops
  • Basic introduction to Civil Service pensions – Paymaster (1836) Ltd
  • ‘Appreciation of Pensions’ – NAPF
  • LexisNexis 
  1. We have re-issued several sections of the EPG in recent months. If you keep a hard copy of the EPG, please check that you have the most recent version of each section by looking at the copy held on the employer pages of our website. (Please note that we will only provide hard copies to those employers who do not have access to our website. (EPN160 refers.))




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1 March 2007
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