Date posted: 01/08/2007


  • HR Managers
  • HR staff dealing with recruitment or pre-retirement events

Action: Note new and forthcoming publications and ordering procedures.

Timing: Immediate

Ordering publications

  1. You can order the following publications directly from St Ives:
  • New entrant starter packs – EPN172 (Rev) tells you how to do this. Guidance on completing the DRF spreadsheets and forms is included at Annex A.
  • Pension Choices – an overview – nuvos partnership – You should use this to promote the Civil Service pension arrangements to prospective employees. You can also enclose it with the letter of appointment as an introduction to the arrangements.
  • Thinking about retirement - Use during pre-retirement events.
  1. Please use the form which you can find on the Employer section of the CSP website [Guidance for employers > Forms] to order from St Ives. The instructions for completing and sending it are included at Annex B. An example is included at Annex C.
  2. You must not order any other material from St Ives. You should not hold stocks of material other than the ‘Pension Choices – an overview’ leaflet or the ‘Thinking about retirement’ booklet.
  3. If anyone asks you for copies of any other publications, please direct them to our website. This holds current versions of all our publications. If they are unable to access the website, you can download the publications for reference or to email them to scheme members. Alternatively, give them your APAC contact details. Your APAC holds stocks of all publications to send direct to staff.
  4. If you need copies of any other CSP publications for internal use, for example, you are running an early release scheme, you should order them from your APAC.
  5. Section 2.6 of the Employers’ Pension Guide will be updated in due course.


EPN172(Rev), Section 2.6 of the Employers’ Pension Guide


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1 August 2007
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