Date posted: 01/09/2007


  • HR Managers
  • HR staff dealing with induction
  • HR Policy teams

Action: To consider incorporating nuvos slides as:

  • part of a formal induction programme to your department (with Slide Note pages as a handout);
  • a structure to talk through pensions with new entrants;
  • or as a handout for initial pension discussions with new entrants.

Timing: Immediate


  1. At the Autumn Pensions Communication Network (PCN) meetings representatives were asked to create 6 slides to include in an induction programme. The slides should give an overview of the valuable scheme benefits, encourage new entrants to read the starter pack booklet and highlight the need for them to complete and return the pension choices form. CSPD then collated all the information provided in the slides and produced 8 new entrant induction slides together with speaking notes giving an overview of nuvos and partnership.
  2. The slides are designed as a tool for employers to use as part of their formal induction programme, as a guide and handout for an initial pension discussion with new entrants. Please discuss with your recruitment team how you will make use of this resource/material.
  3. The new entrant induction slides are available on our website under Guidance for employers>Pensions training>Training for employers and APACs. If you need an electronic copy please contact the employer helpdesk.


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1 September 2007
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