Date posted: 01/10/2007

Audience: HR Managers and advisers who deal with recruitment


  • Note the arrangements applying before 1 March 2008 which mean that pensioners who are immediately re-employed upon retirement continue to be in the same pension scheme they were in before they retired.
  • Make sure everyone who deals with recruitment is aware of this pension flexibility.

Timing: Immediate


  1. EPN190 told you about arrangements which will apply if you re-employ a Civil Service pensioner before 1 March 2008 and within 28 days of their earlier retirement. Under certain circumstances, they will remain in the scheme they were in before they retired. The purpose of this EPN is to clarify that the temporary arrangements described in EPN190 only apply if the member left on age retirement or retired early with an actuarially reduced pension and if they are re-employed other than on a casual basis.
  2. The temporary arrangements do not apply to those who are re-employed having earlier retired on the grounds of ill-health or on approved early retirement terms. They are treated as per Annex A of EPN172 (Rev).
  3. From 1 March 2008, the arrangements set out in Annex A of EPN172 (Rev) will apply to all re-employments. From that date, “partial retirement” (whereby members over minimum pension age who reduce their pensionable earnings by 20% can take all or some of their pension and carry on working) will be introduced, and the temporary re-employment arrangements described in EPN190 will end.


This document refers to EPN172 (Rev) and EPN190.


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1 October 2007
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