Date posted: 01/10/2007


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  • To consider using the fact sheets as a tool for HR staff to use to give guidance to members on how a change in working patterns may impact on their pension.
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Timing: Immediate

  1. One of the actions arising out of the Pensions Communication Network (PCN) meetings was for CSPD to provide a change in working patterns leaflet for staff interested in changing their working hours.
  2. In consultation with employer representatives from the PCN groups we decided that a set of fact sheets covering the various working patterns would be the ideal way of presenting this information. The fact sheets would be a good resource to help HR staff explain the pensions aspects of changing work patterns with members. The attached fact sheets are designed to support discussions between HR staff and members asking about changing their working pattern. It will help members to understand how their pension is worked out and also highlight the need to consider boosting their pension.

There are 5 fact sheets, CWP1 to CWP5.

Changing working patterns fact sheet (CWP1)

  • How your pension is worked out - information about the pension (classic, classic plus, premium and nuvos)
  • Boosting your pension
  • Technical terms

Fact sheets CWP2 to CWP5 give information about specific working patterns or breaks.

Changing working patterns fact sheets (CWP2 and CWP3)

Part-time, term-time and seasonal working (CWP2)

Flexible and shift working (CWP3)

Different kinds of breaks fact sheets (CWP4 and CWP5)

Career breaks (CWP4)

Special leave, Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave, Parental leave and Time off for dependants (CWP5)

These fact sheets can be given to the member for future reference. They are available to download from our website under Guidance for Employers/fact sheets.

The fact sheets do not cover the current retirement flexibilities mentioned in EPN190 or partial retirement which begins on 1 March 2008. We will issue guidance on partial retirement later this month.


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1 October 2007
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