Date posted: 01/05/2008

Audience: This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR Managers and advisors who have responsibility for recruitment and appointments Action
  • Identify any fixed term appointees (FTAs) whose contract has been renewed, changed to permanent, or extended and who have been incorrectly put into nuvos
  • Write to any affected individuals (using the standard letter at Annex A to this EPN)
  • Instruct your APAC to convert any affected individuals’ membership from nuvos to premium

Timing: Immediate


  1. EPN184 told you about the pension choices for casuals and fixed term appointees (FTA) who are already employed and are to be offered an extension of contract or a permanent position (without a break in employment) at some point after 30 July 2007.
  2. The EPN set out what action you should take in a number of different scenarios. Unfortunately, the guidance set out under ‘scenario 4’ was incorrect.
  3. The purpose of this EPN is to tell you about the correct procedure to follow for this scenario and advise you what action you need to take in order to put any affected individuals into the correct pension scheme. A revised version of EPN184 has been issued at the same time as this notice, showing the action you must take in respect of any future cases like this. 

Who is affected?

  1. The only people affected by this issue are those who:
  • were in post as a FTA on 30 July 2007;
  • were eligible to join premium but chose not to (i.e. opted out);
  • did not open a partnership pension account;
  • had their appointment extended, renewed or made permanent (without a break between employments, or with a break of no more than 28 days) on or after 30 July 2007; and
  • have been put into nuvos.
  1. EPN184 ‘scenario 4’ originally advised that such people should be treated as new entrants and be able to join either nuvos or partnership. In fact, their opting out decision should still apply and you must treat them as not covered by the Civil Service pension arrangements until or unless they decide to opt back into premium or open a partnership account. They are not eligible to join nuvos.

Corrective action

  1. You will need to:

i) identify any staff affected by this issue (see paragraph 4);

ii) write to them using the standard letter text at Annex A to this EPN, giving them the choice of:

  • a. remaining opted out of the Civil Service pension arrangements;
  • b. opting back into premium; or
  • c. opening a partnership account from a current date; and

iii) once you have heard back from the member, instruct your APAC to take the necessary action.


This document refers to EPN184 (Rev).


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1 May 2008
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24 April 2023