Date posted: 01/02/2009

Audience: All staff who have any pensions responsibilities


  • To note the information about the new Civil Service Pensions website, which is now part of the new Civil Service website
  • To issue the enclosed Office Notice or Newsletter to staff as soon as possible
  • To consider using the enclosed summary article on your intranet or in your in-house magazines, as appropriate
  • To circulate this notice to all staff who have pensions responsibilities

Timing: Immediate

Website launch information

  1. The Civil Service Pensions website has moved to the new Civil Service website. This went live on 25th February. The web address for the new Civil Service site is: (no change)

  1. There is a “Pensions” tab at the top of the new Civil Service website home page to enter our home page.
  2. The direct web path for the Civil Service Pensions home page is:
  3. From Monday 2nd March there will be an automatic diversion from the current CSP web address to the new CSP home page, so that anyone using the old address will be taken to the new site. This diversion will be in place for at least 12 months, to give us time to revise references in our publications and letters. Please note that any bookmarks to particular pages in your “Favourites” folder will no longer work and you will need to renew them.

Guidance for employers

  1. There is a tab to “guidance for employers” in the left hand navigation on the Pensions home page. There are drop down tabs under this to take you to the different areas of information for employers.
  2. We have had to build a large number of web pages on this new site in a relatively short period of time, so it is possible (but hopefully unlikely!) that we may have missed something off, or got something wrong. If you come across any errors or omissions please let us know – so we can do something about it! You can e-mail us at
  3. Please remember to use our new website address in the letters of appointment you send out.

Information for members

  1. We have restructured the website information for members. The enclosed Office Notice and Newsletter tell members about the new site and gives them some pointers on how to find their way around.
  2. Please make sure that you issue the enclosed Office Notice or Newsletter, whichever format you prefer, as soon as possible, so that members are aware of the new site and structure.
  3. We have also enclosed a summary article for you to use on your intranet or in your in-house staff magazine as you wish.

Thank you

  1. Finally, thank you to all of you who took the time to participate in the Card Sort exercise that we ran last November. Your input was very helpful to us in structuring our new website.


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1 February 2009
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24 April 2023