Date posted: 01/03/2009


  • Staff responsible for referring cases to the Scheme Medical Adviser
  • Occupational Health providers
  • Staff responsible for paying the Scheme Medical Adviser


  • To note changes to fees, referral forms and literature relating to Scheme Medical Advice services.
  • To discontinue use of the Medical Guidance Notes.
  • To bring this notice to the attention of anyone who may benefit from attending a Scheme Medical Adviser workshop.

Timing: A new framework agreement comes into effect from 1 April 2009. New fees will apply to all work carried out by the Scheme Medical Adviser on or after that date. The new forms can be used from 2 March 2009.


  1. Where access to benefits under the Civil Service Pension and Compensation Arrangements is dependent upon medical advice the sole provider of this advice is the Scheme Medical Adviser.
  2. Civil Service Pensions Division (CSPD) in Cabinet Office appoints the Scheme Medical Adviser (SMA) and sets up a framework agreement for provision of their services to employers and their pensions administrators.
  3. Following a competitive tender exercise Capita Health Solutions have been reappointed as SMA. The new framework agreement will come into effect on 1 April 2009.


  1. The nature of the new contractual arrangements means that we are making changes to the order forms that you use when referring cases.
  2. We have also taken this opportunity to ensure the new order forms provide clear information for everyone involved in the referral process. This includes information that was previously available in the Medical Guidance Notes (MGN). We hope these changes will make the referral process clearer and avoid cases being returned by the SMA because the documentation is incomplete.
  3. The new forms are available on our website. You can use the new order forms from 2 March 2009. Capita Health Solutions will accept cases referred during March and April on the old forms but from 1 May 2009 will return cases as incomplete if they are not sent using a new order form.
  4. The forms contain more information for your employee and we will shortly publish on our website a new guide for employers to explain the process to follow when you refer cases. This guide will also include the price list and case turnaround times.

Revised guidance

  1. Because of the changes to the forms the Medical Guidance Notes (MGN) are now out of date. In line with the new navigation on our website we have decided to restructure the way this information is presented.
  2. The sections of the MGN relating to appeals and reviews are now published in a new Medical Reviews and Appeals Guide. We have not made any changes to the review or appeal procedures and the text of the document remains for the most part the same as the original MGN appeal sections.

Revised fees

  1. Revised fees will come into effect from 1 April 2009. These will be published in the new employer guide (see paragraph 7). Where a case is in progress on 1 April any work already completed will be charged at the old rate and the new rate will apply to any work done on or after that date.

Scheme Medical Adviser workshops

  1. Capita Health Solutions have updated the content of their workshop and are launching a new series of events. The workshops are aimed at anyone looking to gain a greater knowledge of the medical referral process and medical aspects affecting Civil Service pensions.
  2. If you are interested in attending a workshop please email with your details. They will then send you more information including a list of available dates. They are currently planning to run workshops on:

22 April 2009
22 July 2009
21 October 2009

These workshops are likely to be held in London. Capita Health Solutions will also arrange alternative locations or bespoke events depending upon demand.


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1 March 2009
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