Date posted: 01/05/2009


  • HR Managers, Training Managers and policy teams
  • All HR staff involved in recruitment, leaving actions and areas affected by the Civil Service pension arrangements

Action: Use the training material provided on the Civil Service pensions (CSP) website when training staff involved in all areas of the CSP arrangements

Timing: Routine


  1. Civil Service Pensions Division requires employers to provide assurance on their annual Accounting Officer Certificate (AOC) and checklist that their HR staff are adequately trained and instructed for their pensions roles and responsibilities.
  2. We have consulted a number of employers to understand the type of training material that would be useful to HR staff administering the arrangements. In response we have produced the ‘HR Introduction to Civil Service pensions’ presentation and handouts.
  3. You will find the presentation and handouts on our website.
  4. This presentation will be particularly useful to HR staff in a pensions role whether in-house or in a Shared Service Centre.
  5. The presentation provides a basic overview of the role of the employer, Civil Service Pensions Division, APAC and payroll provider in administering the arrangements. It provides information on key actions for employers including what to do when a member transfers between Civil Service employers, wants to opt in or out of the pension scheme, switch between schemes or apply for partial retirement.
  6. The presentation introduces HR staff to sources of guidance including the Employers’ Pension Guide (EPG), EPNs and the CSP website, and contains a useful glossary of pension terms.
  7. All information in the material is current at the time of distribution and will be updated as changes occur or in the light of feedback.

The material consists of:

  • PowerPoint slides
  • Handouts for HR staff to take away with them.
  1. The PowerPoint presentation is accompanied by detailed speaker’s notes. The handouts contain a similar amount of detail and include the links to the pensions website where necessary.

Preparing to give the presentation

  1. We strongly advise employers to download the material each time it is delivered to ensure that the most up to date version is used. To download, right click the mouse and use the “save as” option. You will also need to print out the handouts for staff.


  1. The presentation has already been tested by a sample of employers and we are grateful to them for their feedback. If, after running the presentation you have further comments or suggestions to make, we would be pleased to hear from you via the employer helpdesk


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1 May 2009
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