Date posted: 01/11/2009


This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR Managers and staff who have responsibility for the administration of the partnership pension account, the CSAVCS and the stakeholder arrangement; and
  • Payroll managers and staff who handle payments to the money purchase providers


HR Managers and staff are asked to:

  • Liaise with your payroll managers to ensure that web based scheduling is the method used for making pension contributions for the CSAVCS, partnership and stakeholder arrangement; and
  • Ensure that correct procedures are being followed


  • Immediate

This EPN reminds you of the correct procedures when using web based scheduling and notifying the partnership pension account, stakeholder and CSAVCS providers of employer and employee contributions. Updated guidance is available in 4.2 of the Employer Pension Guide.

  1. Background
    EPN207 explained that web based scheduling is the only acceptable method for notifying the partnership pension account, stakeholder and CSAVCS providers of employer and employee contributions.
  2. All employers were told that they must use web based scheduling by 30 April 2008.
  3. It is important that everyone responsible for making contributions to the CSAVCS, partnership and stakeholder providers are reminded of their responsibilities. There have been occasions when the providers have not received the schedules correctly, or with incorrect reference details. The providers have also received contributions for a member for which they have not received an application form. This has placed unnecessary work with the providers and has delayed contributions from being appropriately invested in the member’s pension plan.
  4. Employer responsibilities – things to remember
    When making money purchase pension payments, you must ensure that:

    - a separate schedule for CSAVCS, partnership and stakeholder payments is submitted. The providers cannot accept one schedule for several schemes

    - schedules are sent to the providers prior to any monies being paid. Monies must be with the providers within 3 working days of the schedules being sent

    - the correct payroll date is quoted. This date must reflect the month the payroll was run and not the month the file is being submitted

    - application forms are returned to the providers before any contributions are made for the individual member. The correct reference number must be quoted

    - to prevent delays due to staff absences, where possible at least two members of staff from your organisation should be registered as web based schedule users with the providers. Please contact the providers directly to set up additional users
  5. Provider contact details
    The providers have each developed an information booklet about the process and this can be downloaded from their websites. The providers are also happy to provide any additional information, training and support you may require.

    The provider contact details are as follows:

    Standard Life

    Contact: Ashley Ross, Scheme Manager - Tel: 0131 245 8674



    Contacts: Heike Burnell and Georgina Deacon - Tel: 0845 070 6666

    Scottish Widows

    Contact: Adele Robertson - Tel: 0131 655 2251

  6. Equitable Life
    Unfortunately Equitable Life do not have a web-based scheduling facility but they will accept paper schedules or CD/floppydisk/USB stick if the data is encrypted to AES 256 bit standard and protected by a complex password. The data should be transported by secure courier using a tracked service.


This document refers to EPN182 and EPN207


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1 November 2009
Last updated:
24 April 2023