Date posted: 01/12/2008

Audience: This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR Managers and teams who have responsibility for payroll contracts and annual benefit statements
  • Payroll Contract Managers

Action: Ensure payroll providers do not revise earnings data for nuvos members after End of Year payroll interface files have been supplied to your APAC in accordance with the interface specification.

Timing: Immediate Issue

  1. For the reasons explained in paragraphs two and three of this EPN your Authorised Pensions Administration Centre (APAC) may not be able to issue annual benefit statements for some nuvos members. Initially, it will be difficult for your APAC to determine how many members have been affected, if any, but it is important to bring this problem to your attention.
  2. For a member to be affected, an attempt must have been made, through the payroll interface, to adjust earnings data for their closed end of year nuvos account.
  3. A piece of software held in the pensions administration system has been designed to deal with any attempts to revise the data. However, in certain circumstances this has not been effective when run. The result is that some transaction statements have not been produced during the end of year process. The lack of a transaction statement will prevent the production of an annual benefit statement for these members.
  4. We are currently working with your APAC and our software supplier to fix the problem with the software and to correct member data before issuing annual benefit statements for the affected members.
  5. We aim to resolve the issues before the end of the current Scheme year (31 March 2010). In due course, we will issue a further notice to tell you what progress has been made.

Action for you

  1. In order not to compound the problem please remind your payroll provider that, when supplying information in the payroll interface to your APAC, no attempt should be made to adjust a closed year’s earnings data for nuvos members. Pensionable earnings should reflect the actual pensionable earnings at the date the payment was made and not at the date earned, for example, following a retrospective pay award.


Standard Interface Developer’s Guide V4.03, Payex V6.03


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1 December 2008
Last updated:
24 April 2023