Date posted: 01/03/2010

Audience: This Notice will be of particular interest to any one connected with the delivery of the Civil Service Pension arrangements:

Action: To note the contents, particularly with regard to future queries and correspondence

Timing: From 1 April 2010

  1. From 1 April 2010 the new administration arrangements for Civil Service pensions come into effect. This means that :

(a) A new Scheme Management Board (SMB) will oversee the delivery of the Civil Service pension arrangements. The SMB will be supported by a full time Scheme Management Executive (Employer Notice 3 issued by the My Civil Service Pension programme team on 11 March gives more information about the SMB)

(b) The Scheme Management Executive (SME) will take on CSPD’s responsibilities for finance issues, day to day governance of the arrangements and the second stage of the Internal Disputes Resolution procedure. The SME will be based in Cabinet Office.

(c) My Civil Service Pension (MyCSP), which is in DWP Shared Services will be responsible for delivering all aspects of the scheme administration. The existing APACs will become Pension Service Centres (PSC) and will be managed by MyCSP. MyCSP will also be responsible for managing the contract with Capita Hartshead who pay pensions.

(d) Civil Service Pensions Division of the Cabinet Office will cease to exist, with its staff moving either to MyCSP or the SME. In future MyCSP will run the current CSPD Employer Helpdesk and will issue Employer Pension Notices on behalf of the SMB.

  1. Employers should notice no real difference from 1 April. They will continue to:

(a) receive the service as before from the PSC that was formerly their APAC

(b) pay their PSC for these services in the same way that they currently pay their APAC

(c) pay Accruing Superannuation Liability Charge contributions to the Cabinet Office

(d) Provide data to their PSC

(e) Arrange for new members of staff to have the chance to join the Civil Service pension arrangements and order their starter packs as now

(f) Carry out 100% reconciliation checks

  1. If you have any queries after 1 April that you would otherwise have raised with CSPD, then please note that the Employer Helpdesk will still be there to deal with them, using the current number (01256 846414) and email address The team who have been dealing with employer helpdesk queries for CSPD in the past are all moving to MyCSP and will continue to provide help and advice as now. 


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1 March 2010
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