Date posted: 01/10/2011

Audience: This Notice will be of particular interest to: 

  • All staff who have any pensions responsibilities


  • To be aware of the change planned for the Civil Service Pensions (CSP) website

Timing: Immediate circulation


  1. The Civil Service Pensions website moved to a new hosting environment on the 30 September 2011. (no change)

  1. There will be a ‘pensions’ tab on the new Civil Service website home page to enter our homepage.


  1. If you have the Mozilla Firefox icon on your desktop you should use this as your web browser to access the new site. We are aware there are some employers who will not get full functionality accessing the Civil Service website via internet explorer. 

Employers that experience problems accessing via the internet explorer where Mozilla Firefox is not available should contact their internal IT department in the first instance.

To ensure business continuity a fully functional capture of the current website up to 30 September 2011 is available on the National Archives website via the following link

(This currently shows as June but will change to Septembers capture during October)


  1. At launch date, the structure of the employer and Pension Service Centre sections of the site will be the same, except that the core navigation is accessed via hovering over the ‘pensions’ tab. A series of drop down options will display - you will recognise this as the current left hand navigation. 


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1 October 2011
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24 April 2023