Date posted: 01/12/2011

Audience: HR and Communication Managers and all staff responsible for dealing with Added Pension contracts and enquiries from members


  • Issue the attached Notice ‘Information for Civil Service pension scheme members 2/11 to all staff.
  • Please insert the details of your Pension Service Centre where requested to do so, before you release the notice
  • Remind your payroll provider to expect a possible increase in the volume of added pension instructions from your Pension Service Centre

Timing: Immediately to enable staff to apply within the deadlines.


  1. Members who wish to pay extra to top up their benefits in any of the classic, classic plus, premium or nuvos sections of the Civil Service pension scheme can buy added pension. EPNs 177 and 193 refer. The attached information notice reminds members to apply now, and includes the appropriate application form.
  2. Added pension can be bought by either a lump sum or by monthly contributions. In both cases, the contributions made in any scheme year (April to March) are converted into added pension at the end of the year (31 March) and then receive index-linking, when appropriate. This is done at the beginning of every April byreference to the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) for the previous September.
  3. Members who wish to pay for their added pension by monthly contribution can only start from 1 April. They must, therefore, apply to your Pension Service Centre in time for them to process the application form and for your payroll to start deductions from the April pay run.
  4. Members who wish to buy added pension by lump sum before the end of the scheme year must ensure that their application and payment are received by their Pension Service Centre by 18 February 2012, to ensure that any cheques have time to be banked and cleared by 30 March 2012.
  5. This information applies to members who have been in service for more than 12 months; the rules vary for new entrants. We have highlighted this in the text and advised new entrants to contact their Pension Service Centre for advice on eligibility.
  6. Please issue the notice as soon as possible and remind your payroll to expect added pension instructions from your Pension Service Centre.


EPN 177 and EPN 193


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1 December 2011
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24 April 2023